Episode 5: The wobbly collywobbles

‘Every action has its consequences.’ I have heard it a million times but now was my time to get the taste of it. The bad pani poori messed up my stomach real bad. I vomited twice and had a severe stomach ache which was unbearable. It was time for me to call for help. Trust me, the way from my bed to the door of the flat seemed to be the longest distance I ever traveled (Do you remember the awesome network signals I get in the flat?) I managed to drag myself out of the flat and called up the overcoat friend. He realized that I was in serious trouble. He immediately showed up at my place, helped me get into his car and took me to the nearest emergency hospital.

Within no time my health degenerated to the extent that they had to take me inside the hospital on a stretcher. I was admitted into the ICU. They took my blood sample to do different tests. Everything happened quickly.

Watching nurses and doctors running in panic and speaking technical terms (which is next to impossible for a layman to decode) my overcoat friend was in dilemma, a big dilemma – Whether to call my parents or not?

While he was fighting his indecision, a doctor came out of the ICU, walked towards him, removed his specs and said in a gloomy tone, “I am sorry to say…”