Episode 4: A Surprise-in-disguise

I got up from the bed, held a pair of scissors in my hand (sharp things are great way to use as defensive weapons) and opened the door to find a tall man in an overcoat standing still concealing his face with his round hat. He charged towards me and I almost punctured his abdomen when I stopped as he hugged me and said, “Bhai kya haal hai tera?” I quickly inferred from his voice that it was my friend whom I anticipated to arrive the next day. Luckily, nothing bad happened; otherwise this surprise would have turned into a tragedy, a tragic one indeed. No doubt it was a surprise in disguise for me.

The very next day all my friends from the city came to my place and it was time for some feast. I brought Pani poori from a street vendor to have something to eat. Unfortunately, the veggies he gave to stuff pani poori with were old. I had the first piece and it was literally YUCK! (Thank God I didn’t throw up).

I quickly stopped my friends from having the unappetizing pani poori and declared to throw away the rest of the pieces along with the veggies; but my friends asked me to return them to the vendor (after all we have payed the price).

I went to the vendor, kept the polythene bag on his street-stall and straightaway said, “The veggies are old, I don’t want them. Please refund me.” (I believe you can get cooperation easily if you are polite than furious with people). Hearing this, without any arguments, he refunded me the money.

The lesson I learned here is that it is very easy to throw away a thing you don’t like, that’s an easy way out. But the right way to do is to ask for compensation/refund for an unsatisfactory service/product. You are a customer and you have every right to return the product you don’t like. So the next time you are unsatisfied with a service/product, go complaint, ask for compensation/refund (politely), you’ll be surprised with the customer service you will get then. WINK!