Episode 6: Into the heavenly comatose

Recap: Watching nurses and doctors running in panic and speaking technical terms (which is next to impossible for a layman to decode) my overcoat friend was in dilemma, a big dilemma – Whether to call my parents or not?

While he was fighting his indecision, a doctor came out of the ICU, walked towards him, removed his specs and said in a gloomy tone, “I am sorry to say but your friend has grown a rare kind of food poisoning.” “What is it?”, the friend inquired.
“In medical terms it is called – Botulism, a rare paralytic illness caused because of a nerve toxin.” The doctor added, “I wonder what he ate that was so toxic?”

Being in a state of shock and confusion, my friend could not think of what might have affected me (Had he been calm, he would have easily guessed that it was the Pani poori that got me into this state).

The doctor blurt out, “It is a tough situation for me as a doctor. His survival depends purely on God. I have done everything I am capable of. I hope he has done some good deeds in his life because only those can bring him back.”
“Bring him back? What do you mean?”, My friend inquired worriedly.
“Well son, he has gone into coma. When will he wake up or will he wake at all? I can’t answer any of these questions.”

Saying this the doctor left. While my friend was in his deep confused thoughts my phone rang. He took it out of his pocket and saw the caller ID saying “DAD”.