Rise and shine

*Clock ticking* I came back to my senses slowly. I was laying on a bed, a comfortable one. I felt weak from inside, the mind was dizzy, my limbs had a slight pain. “Am I alright? Where am I?” questions started striking my mind. The more I waited, the anxious I got. So is the power of unanswered questions. Leave a man with them, and his mind tortures him automatically. Decent way to kill a man. “Am I abducted? Why can’t I remember anything?”

tumblr_ldpdnczfyo1qesetlo1_500While the unanswered questions were playing with my head, a sudden sound stopped those torturous thoughts instantaneously. A ray, a hope is what a dying man needs, I guess. The sound was from someone entering the room. “There you are. We have waited for you for a very long time.”, she whispered as she adjusted the pillows behind my neck.  Continue reading