Episode 3: An uninvited knock

When you move to a new area, it is instinctive to attract people and become center of attraction. May be it is in our nature, as a survival strategy, to get attention from others (especially when we want to get attention and don’t receive it). Getting a WiFi connection in a neighborhood where people are satisfied with their ECONOMICAL dishTVs was one of the steps towards being in the limelight in the society.

Going further, it is no harm to get a WiFi connection but it does become harmful if you name your WiFi network that may intrigue aggression or sometimes competition in the peers of the neighborhood.  WiFi Names like “Get Your Own Damn Internet” or a more aggroing “Bring Beer and Women to Apt #23” may lead to hostility in the blocks.

I kept my WiFi’s name “LookingForWiFi?” Well, this name too targets the neighbors but passively, isn’t it? How would you feel if you open your phone and scan the WiFi networks and you see “LookingForWifi?”. You’ll be provoked, right? But I didn’t see it coming.

One night I was fast asleep when I heard someone knock at the door. I ignored the sound thinking they might be my neighbors. But soon the simple knocking turned into door banging. I realized the door being kicked was not of anyone else’s but mine. I switched on the light of my room and looked at the clock. It said 23:30.

At this situation, many thoughts rushed into my mind. Thoughts like “Is there a robber on the door?”, “Will I be abducted?”, “Will he harm me?”,  “Did I order pizza from Dominos?” There was only one way to shut my rushing thoughts and that was to get up from the bed and open the door.

I got up from the bed, held a pair of scissors in my hand (sharp things are great way to use as defensive weapons) and opened the door to find a tall man in an overcoat standing still concealing his face with his round hat.


Episode 2: The conundrum connection

While starting to explore the world on your own it is equally important to stay connected with your family and friends, right? In order to be in touch with your group what is the first thing that strikes your mind? Mmmmmm, it starts with “I….” Yes, its the Internet. I decided to get an internet connection for the very reason that radio waves do not reach the ground floor of the flats. Sigh! (So the next time you move into a flat, do check the mobile networks). I checked the internet providers available here, shortlisted a few and decided to get the connection from the company named AIR IT (fictitious name). Fortunately or unfortunately, I went to a cyber cafe nearby and asked about the connection that they were subscribed to. We discussed different companies’ plans and he informed me that AIR IT doesn’t give a good customer service and usually gets bugged every now and then. Not only this, he went on to recommend me another company named AIRWAVES (fictitious name).

Being an outsider, I had to trust this guy. He seemed to be speaking from his heart. Borrowing faith from him I contacted AIRWAVES. While I was talking to the AIRWAVES marketing executive, AIR IT’s marketing agent was already there at my doorstep. It was an awkward situation to call a person and then send him empty handed. But I took my stand and straight forwardly discussed the matter with him.

Unlike what I expected him to do, he started back-biting the cyber cafe personnel. He tried all the tricks he had in his bag (Well, that’s why they say a man with a briefcase can probably rob you more than a thousand men army) like ‘degrading the competitor’, ‘praising his own company’ and even the classic ‘I have used it’ trick.

I was completely confused at that time – whom should I believe and whom not. As I was in a bad situation I thought what worse can happen?

To my surprise, AIRWAVES marketing agent reached my place too. Two competitors face-to-face with each other passing sarcastic smiles. It seemed as if they would soon shed some blood to win the client (me, of course). But soon AIR IT agent left and I got the connection I desired.

Here is the interesting part: the very next day AIR IT’s senior-most marketing executive comes to my place. What for? To brainwash and degrade the competitor. He too played the tricks from running the “speed-test” on the internet to influencing me to call AIRWAVES agent to withdraw the connection. Frankly, I was sold. Now I know, why they get the title ‘senior’ and that is because they not only know the tricks but also when and how to play them.

Long story short: I called the AIRWAVES agent who tactically handled my queries (which were actually being asked by the senior executive). The senior left saying that soon the speed of the internet would decrease down and that I would come back to him.

It has been five days, the speed is perfectly fine. I do not find any reason to change my internet subscriber. All this experience was a trial I had to face just to learn that the best way to find about the performance of a product/service is to actually use it. 

Episode 1: The beginning

Sitting on a chair in my room, staring outside the slightly opened door I wonder am I at the right place? Yes, I am; but somewhere deep inside me, I feel may be I am not.  If I am not then what can I do, I have taken the decision. You might be thinking why not just undo the decision. But it is not that easy. There are two types of decisions: the ones that can be reversed and ones that can’t be. I have taken the second one.

The big question is: am I at the right place? Will I be able to survive in this place? All alone, having no one to guide me, teach me and support me. I guess my innocence will face the trials of mother nature and will do the tweaks necessary in me. After all, a life full of mistakes is more worthy than a life without mistakes.

Here is my invitation to you; yes YOU to come take a journey with me, a journey packed with mistakes, failures, victories and lessons that I learn as I try to survive. To join the journey press the “FOLLOW” button on the right sidebar so that you can receive my updates direct into your mailbox. What can be a better way to be in touch, right?