Episode 10: A worrisome call

Then appeared that magical girl,
With beautiful eyes and a necklace of pearl.
She asked me if I missed her,
I replied, “Ram… Raman.” and everything blurred.

But before I went back to sleep,
She managed to give me a secret to keep.
“The world is tender.”, she proclaimed,
“But underneath that selfless act is a selfish aim.”

I went back to the place I came from then,
A small place in the mind, an area called “Zen”.
Peace, enlightnment and happiness you can get,
It is never the situation but your own mindset.

The sorrow, the bliss, it all dehisce,
The time you realize it all depends on your kinesis.
The way you see, the way you perceive,
Is all that makes the latter from the former cleave.

Take this mantra, shortcut to the long go,
For you have to travel far, and far you go.
Do good and think good, the God behests,
The long road to tread will become blest.

As the words ended, I went to a peaceful sleep.

overcome-anxiety-phone-callsNear the reception, Raman called someone, “Hello, it is me.”

“What news?”

“He was up.”

“Oh God!”, came a scared voice

“Don’t worry, he is back to sleep.”

“What? How?”

“I gave him THAT.”

“Oh! THATTTTT…. I almost forgot.”, the voice came, now at ease. He continued, “I will pay my old friend a visit tonight.”

“No. Not tonight.”, Raman declined immediately.


“The new doctor is on duty at night.”, Raman explained.

“F@#% the new doctor. I am coming tonight. Make sure no one is near the cell.”, the man ordered.


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