Episode 9: A doped up situation

Within no time, my eyes felt heavy, the dizziness increased multifold. As I was entering the sleeping state I heard another sound. “Hey! What are you doing here?”, came an authoritative manly voice. Before I could hear any further, I was asleep.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” inquired the doctor in an authoritative way.

“Si..si…sir, the patient woke up. I…”

“What? He woke up. Then why isn’t he moving?”prince_aly_hospital_mu3


“What? Speak up.”

“Si… sir, I gave…him”

“You gave him…what?”, asked the doctor losing his patience.

“I gave him that.”, pointing towards a bottle.

“Do you think he needed that?”, asked the doctor while composing himself back.

“Well, he was struggling to get up.”

The doctor thought for a while and said, “Alright. Call them immediately. They need to know that the patient was up.”

While the nurse moved swiftly to exit the room, the doctor stated, “Aaaa… listen.”

The nurse stopped and turned towards the doctor.

“Yes, sir.”

“You know…”, the doctor took his time choosing the right words, “… it is dangerous.”

The nurse nodded, “Yes, sir I know, I know.”

“Raman… you are a brave girl.”

“Thank you, doctor.”, Raman replied and headed outside to call someone.

The doctor came near me. He observed me carefully.

“I wonder… if you are really the one they say you are…”

The doctor took a deep breath.

“Even watching you sleep, shivers my soul. I wonder what will happen when you wake up…”

After a few seconds of thinking, the doctor said, “…Only God knows.” And he left the room.

Then appeared that magical girl,
With beautiful eyes and a necklace of pearl.
She asked me if I missed her,
I replied, “Ram… Raman.” and everything blurred.




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