Rise and shine

*Clock ticking* I came back to my senses slowly. I was laying on a bed, a comfortable one. I felt weak from inside, the mind was dizzy, my limbs had a slight pain. “Am I alright? Where am I?” questions started striking my mind. The more I waited, the anxious I got. So is the power of unanswered questions. Leave a man with them, and his mind tortures him automatically. Decent way to kill a man. “Am I abducted? Why can’t I remember anything?”

tumblr_ldpdnczfyo1qesetlo1_500While the unanswered questions were playing with my head, a sudden sound stopped those torturous thoughts instantaneously. A ray, a hope is what a dying man needs, I guess. The sound was from someone entering the room. “There you are. We have waited for you for a very long time.”, she whispered as she adjusted the pillows behind my neck. 

I tried moving but my efforts went in vain. My muscles were too weak. The more I tried the harder it seemed for me to move. My arms and legs started paining. “What is happening to me? Why can’t I move?”, thoughts started again.

She saw me struggling to move. “Don’t move. Don’t move. We don’t want to lose you.” She immediately injected me with something saying,”This will soothe you.”

Within no time, my eyes felt heavy, the dizziness increased multifold. As I was entering the sleeping state I heard another sound. “Hey! What are you doing here?”, came an authoritative manly voice.



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