Episode 7: My stuporific princess

While my friend held the ringing phone in his hand, I was in another world, limbo, dreaming of a girl.

In my heavenly sense I saw her,
She came to be one of the admonishers –
The one that warns you beforehand,
Of the ill-happenings and the profiters.

“Hey there wake up!”, she enchanted,
I opened up my eyes to witness the stranded.

“Are you an angel from heaven?”
I inquired.
“I am a mirror of one’s soul,
The one who comes where she is required.”

“But why have you come here
Among the mortals and their dwelling?”
“To guide you, help you, support you
And at occasions for tale-telling.”

Saying this, she waved her hand,
And spoke the magical spell.
My eye lids felt weighty,
And she spoke the last words “Sleep well”.

She doped me with her magic and made me to sleep. But in actuality, I never woke up as I was in limbo and not the real world.

Meanwhile, my friend picked up the ringing phone and there came my dad’s voice saying. “Explain what happened.”


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