Episode 10: A worrisome call

Then appeared that magical girl,
With beautiful eyes and a necklace of pearl.
She asked me if I missed her,
I replied, “Ram… Raman.” and everything blurred.

But before I went back to sleep,
She managed to give me a secret to keep.
“The world is tender.”, she proclaimed,
“But underneath that selfless act is a selfish aim.”

I went back to the place I came from then,
A small place in the mind, an area called “Zen”.
Peace, enlightnment and happiness you can get,
It is never the situation but your own mindset.

The sorrow, the bliss, it all dehisce,
The time you realize it all depends on your kinesis.
The way you see, the way you perceive,
Is all that makes the latter from the former cleave.

Take this mantra, shortcut to the long go,
For you have to travel far, and far you go.
Do good and think good, the God behests,
The long road to tread will become blest.

As the words ended, I went to a peaceful sleep.

overcome-anxiety-phone-callsNear the reception, Raman called someone, “Hello, it is me.” Continue reading


Episode 9: A doped up situation

Within no time, my eyes felt heavy, the dizziness increased multifold. As I was entering the sleeping state I heard another sound. “Hey! What are you doing here?”, came an authoritative manly voice. Before I could hear any further, I was asleep.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” inquired the doctor in an authoritative way.

“Si..si…sir, the patient woke up. I…”

“What? He woke up. Then why isn’t he moving?”prince_aly_hospital_mu3


“What? Speak up.”

“Si… sir, I gave…him”

“You gave him…what?”, asked the doctor losing his patience. Continue reading

Rise and shine

*Clock ticking* I came back to my senses slowly. I was laying on a bed, a comfortable one. I felt weak from inside, the mind was dizzy, my limbs had a slight pain. “Am I alright? Where am I?” questions started striking my mind. The more I waited, the anxious I got. So is the power of unanswered questions. Leave a man with them, and his mind tortures him automatically. Decent way to kill a man. “Am I abducted? Why can’t I remember anything?”

tumblr_ldpdnczfyo1qesetlo1_500While the unanswered questions were playing with my head, a sudden sound stopped those torturous thoughts instantaneously. A ray, a hope is what a dying man needs, I guess. The sound was from someone entering the room. “There you are. We have waited for you for a very long time.”, she whispered as she adjusted the pillows behind my neck.  Continue reading

Episode 7: My stuporific princess

While my friend held the ringing phone in his hand, I was in another world, limbo, dreaming of a girl.

In my heavenly sense I saw her,
She came to be one of the admonishers –
The one that warns you beforehand,
Of the ill-happenings and the profiters.

“Hey there wake up!”, she enchanted,
I opened up my eyes to witness the stranded.

“Are you an angel from heaven?”
I inquired.
“I am a mirror of one’s soul,
The one who comes where she is required.”

“But why have you come here
Among the mortals and their dwelling?”
“To guide you, help you, support you
And at occasions for tale-telling.”

Saying this, she waved her hand,
And spoke the magical spell.
My eye lids felt weighty,
And she spoke the last words “Sleep well”.

She doped me with her magic and made me to sleep. But in actuality, I never woke up as I was in limbo and not the real world.

Meanwhile, my friend picked up the ringing phone and there came my dad’s voice saying. “Explain what happened.”

Episode 6: Into the heavenly comatose

Recap: Watching nurses and doctors running in panic and speaking technical terms (which is next to impossible for a layman to decode) my overcoat friend was in dilemma, a big dilemma – Whether to call my parents or not?

While he was fighting his indecision, a doctor came out of the ICU, walked towards him, removed his specs and said in a gloomy tone, “I am sorry to say but your friend has grown a rare kind of food poisoning.” “What is it?”, the friend inquired.
“In medical terms it is called – Botulism, a rare paralytic illness caused because of a nerve toxin.” The doctor added, “I wonder what he ate that was so toxic?”

Being in a state of shock and confusion, my friend could not think of what might have affected me (Had he been calm, he would have easily guessed that it was the Pani poori that got me into this state).

The doctor blurt out, “It is a tough situation for me as a doctor. His survival depends purely on God. I have done everything I am capable of. I hope he has done some good deeds in his life because only those can bring him back.”
“Bring him back? What do you mean?”, My friend inquired worriedly.
“Well son, he has gone into coma. When will he wake up or will he wake at all? I can’t answer any of these questions.”

Saying this the doctor left. While my friend was in his deep confused thoughts my phone rang. He took it out of his pocket and saw the caller ID saying “DAD”.

Episode 5: The wobbly collywobbles

‘Every action has its consequences.’ I have heard it a million times but now was my time to get the taste of it. The bad pani poori messed up my stomach real bad. I vomited twice and had a severe stomach ache which was unbearable. It was time for me to call for help. Trust me, the way from my bed to the door of the flat seemed to be the longest distance I ever traveled (Do you remember the awesome network signals I get in the flat?) I managed to drag myself out of the flat and called up the overcoat friend. He realized that I was in serious trouble. He immediately showed up at my place, helped me get into his car and took me to the nearest emergency hospital.

Within no time my health degenerated to the extent that they had to take me inside the hospital on a stretcher. I was admitted into the ICU. They took my blood sample to do different tests. Everything happened quickly.

Watching nurses and doctors running in panic and speaking technical terms (which is next to impossible for a layman to decode) my overcoat friend was in dilemma, a big dilemma – Whether to call my parents or not?

While he was fighting his indecision, a doctor came out of the ICU, walked towards him, removed his specs and said in a gloomy tone, “I am sorry to say…”

Episode 4: A Surprise-in-disguise

I got up from the bed, held a pair of scissors in my hand (sharp things are great way to use as defensive weapons) and opened the door to find a tall man in an overcoat standing still concealing his face with his round hat. He charged towards me and I almost punctured his abdomen when I stopped as he hugged me and said, “Bhai kya haal hai tera?” I quickly inferred from his voice that it was my friend whom I anticipated to arrive the next day. Luckily, nothing bad happened; otherwise this surprise would have turned into a tragedy, a tragic one indeed. No doubt it was a surprise in disguise for me.

The very next day all my friends from the city came to my place and it was time for some feast. I brought Pani poori from a street vendor to have something to eat. Unfortunately, the veggies he gave to stuff pani poori with were old. I had the first piece and it was literally YUCK! (Thank God I didn’t throw up).

I quickly stopped my friends from having the unappetizing pani poori and declared to throw away the rest of the pieces along with the veggies; but my friends asked me to return them to the vendor (after all we have payed the price).

I went to the vendor, kept the polythene bag on his street-stall and straightaway said, “The veggies are old, I don’t want them. Please refund me.” (I believe you can get cooperation easily if you are polite than furious with people). Hearing this, without any arguments, he refunded me the money.

The lesson I learned here is that it is very easy to throw away a thing you don’t like, that’s an easy way out. But the right way to do is to ask for compensation/refund for an unsatisfactory service/product. You are a customer and you have every right to return the product you don’t like. So the next time you are unsatisfied with a service/product, go complaint, ask for compensation/refund (politely), you’ll be surprised with the customer service you will get then. WINK!